BOZZ is a company that advises «businesses» but also very much realises «businesses». We do this by listening well to the entrepreneur and casting a critical eye on the enterprise. Disciplines such as Business Development, (Business & Clinical) Research and Management Consultancy hold very few secrets for BOZZ.

We deliberate on your «business» and/or participate actively in the refinement of your enterprise or start-up.

BOZZ delivers consulting, training and coaching services and offers specialist expertise in:

« Jan is an energetic and focussed facilitator who knows how to clearly orientate diverse groups on the task and hold their attention throughout. He brings a characteristic flair to his work, which appeals to people at all levels of business, and creates the right conditions for results to be achieved. »
Tom Russell – Director, The Facilitation Partnership Limited

« You listen intently – both to the spoken and the unspoken messages – and question around the edges to make sure that the concepts or comments are well articulated and understood. »
TB – Managing Director, Teleflex

« You are a rock star facilitator – amongst the best that I have seen over my last 23 years at work! Your enthusiasm, and the sheer love of what you do, is convincing, and poignant. You made all the difference, and I look forward to the next program where I may see you as a facilitator! »
RN – Managing Director, Teleflex